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Our Vaidik Bilona ghee is made from Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s pure A2 milk and it’s made by hand churned. vaidikmart do all process in a pottery vessel. we are very careful about that our product never touch with any metal. We use Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s milk, which roams in the open field and eat green grass. She stays in direct contact with the sun’s rays 10 hours a day while grazing in an open field. The cow exploits the sun rays using “Suryaketunadi” and use it to make milk. Hence the milk of the cow is same as nectar. We heat milk and butter in pottery vessel using cow dung. Therefore Vaidikmart Bilona Ghee is full of many qualities. It is 100% pure and natural.

VaidikMart’s  Desi Cow Bilona Ghee method :

The milk of a Indian breed desi kankrej cow is heated in a pottery vessel above cow-dung fire at low flame. Thereafter, yoghurt is prepared in a pottery vessel from warm milk. This yoghurt churned by using “traditional Manthan (Bilona) method” Purely Hand Churned. This way, we get buttermilk and makhan. According to traditional Vedic Bilona Hand Churned method, Makhan obtained is then put in pottery vessel above chula of dung fire at low flame. This way, we obtain Ghee. Ghee quality, color and flavor is based on the quality of Desi cow’s milk warming period and makhan quality. In this process about 30 to 35 litre Milk is consumed to make only 1 kg of ghee. Ghee made by this method is called Vedic Bilona Ghee. Products has been making desi cow bilona ghee which possess all the quality as mentioned in the Scriptures (Vedas).

Cow’s Lifestyle:

Our Bilona Ghee is derived from milk produce of the highly immune, healthy and rarest breeds of Indian’s desi kankrej cows. Our cows eat in the open field for 12 hours in the presence of sunlight. So cow that in the presence of sunlight absorbs the sun’s rays with “Suryaketunadi” and creates A2 milk. This milk is exactly like nectar full of qualities. our desi cow are human loved and they have calm nature, They live in a very calm, soothing and comfortable environment – free from any type of cruelty. Skilled caretakers carry out the milking activity carefully with hands, during specific time of the day and only after the calf is fed.

  1. A2 Desi cow Vaidik bilona ghee
    Light and Authentic Ghee.
    I recently stumbled upon Vaidikmart indian kakrej desi cow ghee and ordered after reeading about it onlineTo my
    surprise, it was actually very good compared to the other local ghee brands I tried earlier. It is very light
    and the taste and aroma feel authentic. If you are looking for something natural and pure, I would suggest
    vaidikmart and
    a2 desi cow vaidik bilona Ghee would be a great option.

    Dinesh Chaudhary (verified owner)

  2. Vaidikmart ☺️
    Nice product organic and pure desi cow bilona ghee one of the best product that
    I have ever used if you really want good quality product then i highly recommend this to you 👌👌

    Kamlesh Chaudhary (verified owner)

  3. Very nice

    Raj kumar (verified owner)

  4. Very good product

    Rajeev (verified owner)

  5. 100% pure Desi Ghee 👍👍👍
    I like Desi Bilona Ghee👍👍👍

    Raj mali (verified owner)

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Benefits :

Indian Desi Cow’s vaidik bilona Ghee is like nectar for human body. There are also some special advantages of desi cow’s vaidik ghee. Desi Cow Ghee contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and K. 9 phenolic anti-oxidants, as well as numerous other minerals are present in ghee.

More Benefits :

BRAIN:Improves intelligence and memory power. Good for nerves and brain. Aids in overall brain Health.
EYE: It helps to control eye pressure. Improves enhances and eyesight.
SKIN / HAIR: Helps in dry Skin and Dark Circles makes Glowing skin & cures hair fall.
IMMUNE SYSTEM: Removes impurities from the body & strengthens the immune system.
CHOLESTEROL: Reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL) & Improves Good Cholesterol (HDL).
MEMORY: Improves intelligence and memory power. Good for nerves and brain. Aids in overall brain Health.

Purely Hand Churned Bilona Ghee :

Today all the cream-made Ghee sold in market is full of chemicals and preservatives. All foreign Jersey cows give us A1 quality Milk containing A1 protein, which is very dangerous for humans. We have only Indian best Desi kankrej breed Cow, Our Cows are fed with variety of organic grasses, which are described in our Vedas.

We at vaidikmart farm produce real ghee the way it is being done by human touch according to our culture. Our process is such that medicinal properties and qualities of Ghee are retained. This has helped a lot to the people suffering from cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, vitamin b12, arthritis, knee pain and many more.

Usually, we observe Ghee made by industrial process which is not actually Ghee but clarified butter. A real Ghee comes from our indigenous breed of desi cow ( Kankrej ) which is the part of our culture which we must cherish.