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॥ श्रीसुरभ्यै नमः॥गावो विश्वस्य मातरः ॥

Vaidik Mart which has many Pure and true good products made by traditional Indian Ayurvedic methods. Vaidik Mart has a mission to introduce and provide natural products (Desi Cow Bilona Ghee) which are free from chemicals and created without any adulteration. Our mission is HEALTHY INDIA. Increase people's love for "Gaumata" and our "Gaumata" remains safe. Many people in our country have one or another chronicle disease like joint pain, heart and kidney related problems and different kinds of diabetes. The main cause for these diseases is modern and stressful life of today’s modernized world. But we have a mission to provide healthy life. We have the "Gaumata" with the divine power that can cure all diseases. In this modern century we are calling people to go back to our Vedic roots and ancient Vaidik products for every modern health issues. vaidikmart make pure and natural gau products that help in stay healthy and be happy.

In the modern world full of high fiber diets, chemical products and polluted atmosphere how are we supposed to stay healthy and happy? It’s easy to go back to Vaidik products and live a happy life as suggested in Ayurveda.

"Jai Gaumata"     "Jai Gopala"     "Vande Gaumatram"

  • Organic, Pure and 100% natural Product
  • Superior buying experience
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Quick solution of any problem 24*7 customer care
  • Our team will check product and then decide it’s reasonable price for customer
  • Bilona method ensures it all the properties as described in the Vedas and Ayurvedic Shahtras.
  • The whole curd (traditionally made dahi) is churned with a wooden churner
  • Butter is separated to be boiled in clay vessels.
  • Pure and 100% natural milk
  • Free home delivery

About Vaidik Mart

Indian desi cow's vaidik bilona ghee is full of nutritive fatty acids an ideal fat source for indian vegetarian diet. Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength for balanced and active lifestyle. It keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body. desi cow's Ghee has the most pleasant aroma and flavour. desi cow's ghee makes every dish delicious. desi cow's Ghee is free from pesticides and chemicals. Vaidikmart's all products are 100% Pure, Organic and Natural.

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  • To provide Organic, Pure and 100% natural quality product’s in  reasonable price.  
  • To Provide satisfaction to the customer.  
  • To Ship Product on-time with great service.


  • To provide good Quality Product in Affordable price.
  • Shop online with best shipping experience.
  • Make a smile on Your face we stand 24*7 for You.