What is the Best Process for Making Indian Breed kankrej Desi Cow Bilona Ghee (A2 Ghee) ?

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let’s know first What is A2 cow Ghee ?

In the ‘Mahabharata’, the Devas (Gods) had to churn the seas to get nectar. Today, the desi cow’s ghee has to be made (churning) in pure form as the nectar of the gods – Vaidik mart Desi Cow Bilona Ghee, the storehouse of boundless goodness has found an important place in Ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared using various methods, but the production of the purest Indian Desi cow vedic Bilona Ghee is a traditional Bilona process. But where Vaidik Mart uses the milk of the Desi cows that roam in the open field. And eats green grass. Hence the milk and ghee of those cows is like nectar. Vaidik Mart Bilona Ghee is rich in many qualities.

Vaidik Mart Bilona Ghee is made from pure A2 milk of Indian breed of Kankrej and is made by hand. Vedic Bilona Ghee with the same aroma of clay, because our Gomata, an Indian breed that grazes in the open field, loses the milk of the native Gaumata ji, the beloved Kankrej of Lord Krishna, in a clay pot (indigenous stove of slow flame) for eight hours. Cook the milk.

All the nutrients in this milk, cooked on a low flame, are pulsed and filled with the fragrant aroma of the soil, and even after the ghee is made, the same aroma reaches your home and pleases the taste and senses of the food.

More and more “modern” families in India today are adopting the “old style” habit of cooking with Indian desi cow Bilona Ghee. What’s more, even doctors and nutritionists agree that when consumed in limited amounts, it can strengthen your bone and enhance immunity.

Purity A2 Ghee

Purity is of utmost importance in the food we eat. Our body receives the best nutrition through pure, non-adulterated products. Pure A2 cow ghee obtained by the Bilona process is the most beneficial and pure form of ghee.

Worth the price bilona ghee

Everything good is associated with an equally good price and the same is true for desi cow ghee as 30 kg of curd is used to obtain 1 kg of pure desi ghee. The labor involved is high because it takes time, these factors justify the high cost of pure desi cow ghee.

Medicinal Properties

Bilona Ghee has been used in Ayurveda as a medicine for ages. It has immense medicinal properties as the bidirectional churning of Bilona contributes to the medicinal capabilities of ghee. The uses are countless, some of them supporting the digestive system, treating dryness, improving vision, treating cough, providing energy and providing anti-aging effects.

Pure and auspicious – Pure desi cow ghee is used for auspicious purposes in worship, yagna etc. Piety makes it suitable for use in religious ceremonies. No wonder it was a favorite of Lord Krishna.

Beneficial for pregnant women and infants – A2 cow ghee is recommended for pregnant women and infants as it provides them with much needed energy, aid in digestion and improves immunity.

You can order pure Vedic Bilona Ghee of Indian breed of Kankrej Desi cow from our online store (https://www.vaidikmart.com). (If you consume 10 to 15 ml of Indian Desi cow’s Bilona Ghee daily at lunch and dinner, it increases digestive power and helps to increase your immune system completely. Also, migraine and weakness like Helps cover other problems as well.)

Vaidikmart.com offers Vedic Bilona Ghee of Kankrej Desi cow of Indian breed which is certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and has a 100% pure Bilona Ghee made from A2 cow milk of Desi cow with many benefits.

Vedic Bilona Ghee Method of Vaidik Mart

Kankrej a cow of Indian breed, is heated in a clay pot over a fire of cow dung on low flame. After this, curd is prepared from hot milk in an earthen pot. This yogurt is the “traditional churning (bilona) method” used purely by hand churning. In this way, we get buttermilk and butter. According to the traditional Vedic Bilona hand charred method, Makhan is obtained, then put in an earthen pot over a dung fire at low flame. In this way, we get ghee. The quality, color and taste of ghee is based on the duration of the heating of the desi cow’s milk and the quality of the makhan. In this process, about 30 to 35 liters of milk is consumed to make about 1 kg of ghee. Ghee made with this method is called Vedic Bilona Ghee. VaidikMart.com products are making Vedic Ghee which possess all the quantities mentioned in the Shastras (Vedic).

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