3 Quick Healthy Dinner Idea – Fit Tuber

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Quick Healthy Dinner Idea - Fit Tuber
Today I will share with you 3 healthy dinner options which you can easily make at your home without much afford. Fit Tuber
Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas – Fit Tuber

After a tiring day at work a filling and delicious dinner is what are bodies need. However as we are already tired. We do not feel like spending too much time in the kitchen as a result most of the time we making the same boring food. But not anymore today I will share with you some healthy dinner options which you can easily make at your home without much afford while selecting the dinner options for this blog my top priority has been “least cooking time” to serve “Variety of tastes” and of course “Practicality”. So, if you to want a break from eating the same boring food then keep reading this blog. Fit Tuber going to share with you 3 dinner ideas that even the laziest of first can go using minimum ingredients and without compromising on diets. Fit Tuber

Hello friends, Welcome to Vaidik Mart. I have consciously not included the regular dinner option like dal roti and sabzi. Firstly because it is not always easy to cook so many things at a time and secondary to bring something fresh and creative to your dinner table.

1. Palak Paneer Pulao

Mood of eating the regular vegetable Pulao, Then try Palak Paneer Pulao super hydro-bin with complex carbohydrates. It’s delicious dinner option.

  • Start with first made the Palak pure by grinding fresh palak with water.
  • Now in a pan put one tablespoon of Desi Cow Ghee add cumin seeds and let them mix.
  • Add Chopped onions, salted onion with Rock salt, Turmeric, Grated Ginger, Black cardamom, Cinnamon stick, Black peppercorns and Green chilli.
  • Then add freshly grinned Palak along with hundred grams of fresh paneer cubes.
  • Mix them for a while.
  • Now add about half a cup of so semi brown rice and about one glass of water.
  • Cook it on low flame while you can just relax.
  • Check after about 15 minutes, it should be done
  • Mix again.
  • Turn off the gas and your Palak Paneer Pulao is ready to be served transfer it to the plate and enjoy.

    Complex carbohydrates proteins and healthy fats, It so well balanced delicious and healthy dinner option. Do Try

2. Vegetable Kathi Roll

This vegetable Kathi roll is easy and It’s so delicious, One of my all time favorite.

  • To make it in a pan put about one tablespoon of Desi cow Ghee.
  • Now add cumin seeds and chopped onion
  • Salted them for a while with Rock salt, Turmeric, Black pepper and Grated Ginger.
  • Now add some finely chopped tomatoes, mix well.
  • Cook on low heat for a minute
  • Now add finely chopped carrot, capsicum, Green beans and Paneer, mix well
  • Cook for about five minutes
  • Once it ready, then put some fresh coriander and turn off the gas
  • Take one large whole wheat chapati, please the mixture evenly over rate and Role it.
  • Your super easy and healthy vegetable Kathi roll is now ready

    With will sorted seasonal vegetables in whole wheat chapati. It is a mouth watering dinner Idea. Do try, you will love it.

3. Corn Vegetable Soup

Is soup boring ?  Well not always, Try this vegetable coan soup.

  • Simply put up pan on low flame add one glass of water to it.
  • Now add Rock salt to taste, add some freshly crush Black pepper and Grated Ginger.
  • Mix the spices well. Now add finely chopped Carrots, Beans, Capsicum and a few green Peas.
  • Now to twist think up we will great the corn and then add it.
  • Cover the pen and let it simmer for about ten minutes as the flavors combine well.
  • That’s all put off the gas.
  • Now add some fresh coriander leaves and lemon juice and serve hot.

    Since we had added freshly grated to it the texture turned out is smoother and much more tastier than the usual coan soup. So tasty filling get light. It is a great dinner option for someone looking to put of extra weight.

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