Let’s Support India : Swadeshi Mission, Know Some Serious facts about India

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Purpose of Blog : Swadeshi India 

1. The meaning of Swadeshi should be understood.

2. To introduce conspiracy and loot of foreign companies.

3. To instill a sense of pride and self-respect towards Swadeshi.

4. To resolve the use of handmade indigenous goods and boycott of foreign goods.

5. To teach the method of manufacture of home-made products – candles, black dust, natural soaps etc.

What is Swadeshi?

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi – “The spirit of Swadeshi means our spirit which teaches us to use and serve our immediate surroundings, except in the far distance. For example, according to this definition, in relation to religion it will be said that I should follow the religion received from my ancestors. If I find fault in it, then I should remove those defects and serve that religion. In the field of meaning, I should only use the goods made by my neighbors and remove the shortcomings of those industries and serve them by making them more complete and efficient. “

By Swadeshi, I do not mean the things made in factories in India. By Swadeshi, I mean the goods made by the unemployed people of India. Initially, even if there is any deficiency in these items, we should also use these items and the producer who affectionately improves them. Doing this will serve the country and the people of the country without spending any kind of time and labor.”- Mahatma Gandhi.

What is Swadeshi?

It is not an indigenous thing – thinking.

The indigenous system is that of sage life.

Swadeshi mantra is of peace and happiness.

The indigenous weapon is the era of revolution.

The indigenous solution is unemployment.

Swadeshi armor – to avoid exploitation.

Swadeshi is respect for labor.

Swadeshi is the protector of nature environment.

Swadeshi movement- simplicity.

Swadeshi struggle – of life and death.

Swadeshi is fire – to consume incest.

Swadeshi is the basis of service to society.

Swadeshi treatment is for the downfall of humanity.

Swadeshi is upliftment of society and nation.


What is Swadeshi?

That originates and become available around itself.

Why Swadeshi?

Because without it our economic exploitation will not stop.

Indigenous where?

Whatever is available to us from nature.

America – The British were enslaved for a long time, there was no existence till 200 years ago. But when George Washington, who taught indigenous mantra there, made a revolution, today America has become a superpower in the world. Today 25 percent of America’s goods are sold in the world market.

Japan – Three times enslaved, first English, then Dutch Portuguese, Spanish mixed, then third time America was enslaved, who dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. Until 100 years ago, Japan had no identity in the world. But due to the indigenous spirit, Japan re-emerged in the last 60 years.

China – It was also a slave of the British. The British had drowned the Chinese into opium. China was a beggar country until 1949. The foreigner was immersed in debt. Later, a revolutionary leader of Swadeshi there, Maojejang changed the picture of the whole country. Today, China stands on that high pedestal, which also threatens America. Today, 25 percent of China’s goods are sold in the world market.

Malaysia – Stood in 25 years, due to Swadeshi.

No country can last long on foreign crutches. Before the arrival of English, our India was developed and a superpower in every field.

During the British rule, T.B. Macaulay completely changed India’s Gurukul education system. The glorious history of India has been altered in the history books read. India was shown as a country of poor, a country of snake charmers, a country of untouchables, a bad country in every way. Whereas, about 200 historians from England and Scotland, who have written the history of India in their history books, tell a different story. According to him, India was a prosperous country, a country of sages, a country of diamond jewels.

According to those historians: –

1. All the items of need were prepared in the villages of India, only salt came from the cities.

2. By 1835, India’s goods were sold 33 percent in the world market. Only india provide 100% natural product across the word. We Made Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Pure Honey etc…

3. Preparation iron in India was considered the best in the world. There were 1000 iron factories around Surguja (Chhattisgarh).

4. India’s crop was three times more per acre than the countries of Europe.

5. Gurukul education system was very strong. Calculations from Vedic mathematics formulas were also done faster than calculators.

6. In the villages of India, heaps of gold coins were found in the houses of people, which were not counted and weighed.

7. 36 types of industries were run in the villages. In the same way, there are many more.

8. In the village itself, about 2000 types of primary products were prepared which were made by 18 types of artisans (weaver, weaver, dhunkar, teli, potter, carpenter etc.).

9. Steel, considered a high-tech product, has been manufactured in India for 3000 years.

10. The cloth here was sold in weights equal to the weight of gold abroad.

11. There was so much prosperity here that temples were also made of gold.

12. Desi Cow’s Ghee famous in all over world for purity.

Friends! Seeing the splendor of India, the British called it a “gold bird”.

But a question arises, how did the plight of such a powerful, prosperous India arise? The short answer to this is that the British deliberately made 3735 such laws during their rule, which completely destroyed our rural economy. All those laws still work even today there is no change.

The task of looting India systematically was done by foreign companies. As you know, a company called East India came to India on the pretext of trade. Till the time of independence, 733 multinational companies that sucked India were active. Under the power transfer agreement, only the 732 companies that were sent back to the East India Company remained there even later.

The foreign companies that made India hollow and the foreign companies to which the fighters of the freedom struggle were sacrificing their lives, by inviting the indigenous movement, the same companies have been invited to eat the brokerage themselves by inviting the Government of India today. Today more than 5000 such multinational companies are selling their goods in our country.

Our government gives four arguments behind calling foreign companies. 1. Capital comes. 2. Export increases. 3. Employment increases. 4. New technology is added.

Investigations have shown that this argument is baseless, rather the opposite is true.

1. The truth is that foreign companies bring very little capital and take back three times the capital back to foreign within 1 year. Examples.

* Hindustan (Uni) Levan Limited (UK Holland) – Rs.33 lakhs in 1933. Brought capital 217 crores is taken abroad every year.

* Colgate Pomolive (US) – Capital brought 1.3 million. Carries 231 crore per year.

* Novartis is for 40 years – capital investment is 15 lakhs, carrying 94 crores per year.

* Pfizer (aparika) capital investment is 2 crores 90 lakhs, carrying 338 crores per annum.

* Philips (Holland) – has been for 50 years, capital investment is 1 crore 50 lakh, takes 190 crore per year.

* Goodyear (America) manufactures tires. Capital investment takes 2 crore 37 lakhs, 240 crores per annum.

* Glaxo is for 30 years. Capital investment takes 8 crore 40 lakh rupees, 533 crore 66 lakh rupees every year.

* ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) The real job is ATC (America) for 20 years. The capital investment takes 38 crores per annum. 3170 crores.

Even if the government’s argument is that capital comes from the arrival of foreign companies, it means that our poverty is reduced

In 1949, the government called 126 foreign companies, then the number of poor in India was poor four and a half crores. Today 5000 foreign companies have arrived in India. So according to the logic of the government, a lot of capital has come, then it simply means that poverty is almost finished. But today the statistics of the Government of India itself show that the number of poor in India today is more than 84 crores. That is, poverty has increased 21 times. So it becomes clear that foreign companies do not bring capital, but they take capital, that too much.

2. The second argument also proves to be wrong when we look at this data.

In 1840, when India was a slave of the British, a foreign company was Isht India Company. At that time India’s exports abroad were 33 percent. Isht India Company used to export 3.6 percent of India’s total exports.

India’s exports fell to 4.5 percent in 1936.

1950–2.2 percent 1955–1.5 percent

1960-1.2 percent 1965-1 percent

1970–0.7 percent 1975–0.5 percent

1980–0.1 percent 1990–0.5 percent

1991–0.4 percent 2009–0.5 percent

In 1840 there was a foreign company which helped 3.6 percent of India’s exports. Today, 5000 companies together only help 5.52 percent.

It is clear that foreign companies do not increase India’s exports but increase imports. Above all, these companies keep putting equal pressure on the Government of India to reduce the value of the Indian currency rupee. 1 $ -1 in 1950 Was. Today, 1 dollar = 50 rupees, so we fell behind America 50 years like this.

3. Foreign companies do not bring any hi-tech. 90 percent companies do zero technical work. Like making soap, it can also be made at home. No machine is needed to make soap. The machine is engaged in cutting and packing. About 50 foreign companies are working in soap making.

Similarly, biscuits, chocolate, cosmetics, bottled water, double roti, pickles, wheat flour, potato chips etc. None of these products is of high technology. Only 10 percent of the companies work in certain things. Like motor, engine etc. But even in that they do not make engines in India, they are made from their own country and only make fittings here. Technology does not transfer.

Hitech work is – making satellite, making missiles, nuclear bombs, making supercomputers, but no foreign company comes for this work. India has made a lot of progress in these areas, but by indigenous scientists. In the US, the technology which has become 20-30 years old, which has been dumped there, they bring it to India like the technology of making poisonous pesticides, the technology of making chemical fertilizers. In Bhopal, 777 salt chemicals were manufactured in Union Carbide Company. You all know about the 1984 accident. 56 such factories are established in India.

In the field of allopathy medicines, even foreign companies are earning crores of rupees by selling thousands of medicines without work in India. According to the Justice Hati Commission, 117 medicines of allopathy have worked in India, others are useless but some are also fatal. You will be surprised to know that more than 84 thousand types of allopathy medicines are sold indiscriminately in India. Such medicines which have been banned abroad for 20 years are also sold in India.

4. Government’s fourth argument that employment opportunities increase here is clear that it is wrong. Unemployment figures are increasing with the arrival of foreign companies. The simple thing is that when some work will be done by machines, where 100 people were required, only 10 work is done, then 90 became unemployed.

So friends! Now there is a need for all of us to take forward the Swadeshi movement. For this we must do this on a personal level.

1. Keep a list of indigenous and foreign companies with you and buy indigenous items only.

2. If handmade indigenous items are available, like Farmers production, Desi cow Ghee, Honey etc… then use the same items, if there is a decrease in quality, then request the manufacturers suggest give encouragement.

3. If arrangements can be made, then prepare some cottage products yourself.

Jay Hind,  Jay Bharat, 

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