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Vaidikmart Farm Traditional Bilona Desi A2 Ghee is explicitly made from Indian Breed kankrej Desi Cow’s A2 milk. Vaidikmart do all ancient organics process in a pottery vessel to make 100% pure and natural desi ghee. we are very careful that our product never touch with any metal. We heat milk and butter in pottery vessel using desi Indian cow dung. Vaidikmart uses the traditional ‘Bilona’ Process to Make A2 Desi Cow Bilona Ghee.

In which the Bilona (churn) is done by hand using a wooden made ravaiya in an earthen pot. which retains the elements of sweetness and contains rich nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and calcium. The nutritional value of pure desi cow’s A2 ghee exceeds the benefits of any other ghee and is rich in aroma and taste. You will realize only after tasting that the granular texture, beautiful color, and fine aroma of Vaidikmart Bilona Desi Ghee is something that just becomes an irreplaceable part of your meals.

Vaidikmart’s Traditional A2 Vedic Bilona Ghee Method :

The milk of an Indian breed desi kankrej cow is heated in a pottery vessel above a desi cow-dung fire at low flame. Thereafter, yoghurt is prepared in a pottery vessel from warm A2 milk. This yoghurt churned by using the “traditional Manthan ( Traditional Bilona ) Method” Purely Hand Churned. This way, we get buttermilk and Makhan. So According to the traditional Vedic A2 Bilona Ghee Hand Churned Method, Makhan obtained is then put in a pottery vessel above Chula of dung fire at low flame. This way, we obtain A2 Ghee.

A2 Bilona Ghee’s quality, color, and flavor are based on the quality of Desi cow’s milk warming period and Makhan’s quality. In this process, about 30 to 35 liter Milk is consumed to make only 1 kg of Desi Cow Traditional Bilona Ghee. A2 Ghee made by this method is called Traditional Bilona Ghee.( ) Products has been making Traditional Bilona A2 Ghee which possesses all the quality as mentioned in the Scriptures (Vedas).

Desi Cow’s Lifestyle :

Our desi cow bilona ghee is derived from milk produce of the highly immune, healthy, and rarest breeds of Indian’s desi kankrej cows. Our cows eat in the open field for 12 hours in the presence of sunlight. So cow that in the presence of sunlight absorbs the sun’s rays with “Suryaketunadi” and creates A2 Milk. This A2 milk is exactly like nectar full of qualities.

Our desi kankrej cows are human loved and they have a calm nature. They live in a very calm, soothing, and comfortable environment – free from any type of cruelty. Skilled caretakers carry out the milking activity carefully with hands, during the specific time of the day and only after the calf is fed.

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  4. The Desi Cow Bilona Ghee is like a nutritional powerhouse and I rely on it for my family’s health without a doubt. Highly Recommended!

    Geetika Shah (verified owner)

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  6. I recently stumbled upon Vaidikmart indian kakrej desi cow ghee and ordered after reeading about it online To my
    surprise, it was actually very good compared to the other local ghee brands I tried earlier. It is very light
    and the taste and aroma feel authentic. If you are looking for something natural and pure, I would suggest
    vaidikmart And Bilona Ghee would be a great option.

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    Ayan Gayen (verified owner)

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    Dax (verified owner)

  12. ” Picked up the 1 kilo ghee and tried it after hearing good reviews from others. The ghee isn’t heavy and one doesn’t feel uneasy after eating it. Nothing more important that kids eating healthy and cruelty free food. “

    Krishna Kanth (verified owner)

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    Neha Jain (verified owner)

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  20. To be honest how can I trust that this is pure ghee? But just because the research these guys have put and the way they speak about it, I have to give them benefit of doubt and trust them. I will say it is rare to find pure product. Doing such business is like doing Tapasya. Wish you luck!

    Vishnu Jat (verified owner)

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    100% Pure And Organic Product
    fast services VaidikMart Best Bilona Ghee

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  23. VaidikMart Ghee is a pleasant surprise. So good to know that people are thinking about purity again. The ghee is very much authentic. Just the way we use to have in our childhood days.

    Amul Joshi (verified owner)

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    Debjani Saha (verified owner)

  30. Dear VaidikMart team, yes I received my pack of 1 kg Bilona Ghee, and started using the same from day 1, I know it is expensive but there is no body in this country giving this best quality ghee of cow, there are certain peoples claim that they are best but I am sure that there is no one in front of you giving this purity, Thanks to Vaidik Mart, I am also looking turmeric powder organic n your other organic products to buy please keep advising me whenever they are available . Thanks once again you are the best I will recommend the same to my other relations n friends, by the way where is your Plant.

    S M Dudi (verified owner)

  31. This Desi Cow Bilona Ghee is very Good. I am using patanjali ghee from 1 year but when i used vaidikmart bilona ghee i understand difference between ghee and bilona ghee. excellent quality….of bilona ghee….

    PRAVIN BHABHA (verified owner)

  32. The Desi Ghee is really rich in taste and flavourful.
    The ghee is made from A2 milk and hence is really light and texture is great 👍

    Jyoti (verified owner)

  33. Desi Cow ghee is used since childhood in my home. We use it for food, skincare and haircare. VaidikMart A2 Bilona Ghee is pure form of ghee. It tastes just like homemade ghee.

    Vijay solanki (verified owner)

  34. good quality excellent product of bilona ghee.thankx vaidikmart

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  35. The quality of products is very good and the products are all genuine with no artificial chemicals. The ghee is truly “VaidikMart” to the “halahal” (junk food) one consumes on a daily basis. Do try!

    JIgar Mali (verified owner)

  36. nice desi cow ghee

    Aruna Patil (verified owner)

  37. The quality of the product is just outstanding. I think if you are not preparing at your home, it is impossible to find such purity in any other brand. Thank you to all vaidikmart team, great going. Keep it on.

    Vipul Gupta (verified owner)

  38. Worth for price…. Pure and real taste of SDesi Cow Bilona Ghee….. At least once you try it..

    Sukhdev Thapar (verified owner)

  39. vaidikmart Bilona ghee is very nice, Mera pura family ko ye ghee accha laga Thank vaidikmart

    Vikram Thakur (verified owner)

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    Radhika Soni (verified owner)

  41. The quality of products is very good and the products are all genuine with no artificial chemicals. The bilona Ghee is truly “VaidikMart” to the “halahal” (junk food) one consumes on a daily basis. Do try!

    Vijay Shekhar Sharma (verified owner)

  42. Got to know about the site from a youtube comments section and was sceptical at first.But then decided to give it a try..n was so happy to find such a wonderful product.Taste is heavenly and my little son is also a big fan.Now a lifetime buyer..thank you Vaidikmart.

    Sambit Dash (verified owner)

  43. Very Good Packaging. Excellent Product. …

    Somnath Sarkar (verified owner)

  44. Nice product.
    1) The quality is good.
    2) The packaging is very good in glass bottle.
    Hats off!!

    Chetan Dilipkumar Agrawal (verified owner)

  45. I have been buying A2 Desi Ghee from Vaidikmart & they provide excellent quality. Above all they are following proper Vedic Bilona method to prepare Ghee which keeps intact all the Vital Nutrients which should be present in Ghee. Well done.

    ASHISH MITTAL (verified owner)

  46. Very Nice Product,
    100% Organic
    Pure Desi Ghee

    Rujul parikh (verified owner)

  47. Amazing
    I’m the one who is always in search of genuine and organic a2ghee product. I have taken so many different bilona ghee till now. But I must say this is the greatest a2ghee I’ve ever had. It has no unnecessary fragrance, no unnecessary color, no extra grain. It’s full of freshness. You can feel the fresh smell and taste. I had an issue. After taking ghee I felt acidity but it doesn’t happen with this. It comes in bottle jar which preserves its qualities. Though it’s expensive but it’s value for money.

    Deepu (verified owner)

  48. जय गौमाता जय गोपाल !
    यह वैदिक मार्ट का A-2 बीलौना घी भारत कि और गुजरात कि मशहूर विख्यात देशी कांकरेज गोवंश नस्ल से प्राप्त बढीया घी है , मैं भी खरीद कर के खा रहा हूं। अद्भुत और चमत्कारिक स्वाद वाला मनभावन घी है और शतप्रतिशत शुद्ध भी !
    मैं राजस्थान और हरियाणा से वाया कूरियर जरिए तरह-तरह कि देशी गायों का बिलौना घी मंगवा के खा चुका हूँ। पर यह वैदिक मार्ट के जीतना संतोषकारक एवं तृप्तिकारक पौष्टिक, सुंदर, स्वादिष्ट, नैचुरली बीलौना घी नही था वो सब !

    वैदिक बिलौना घी बढीया कॉलीटी, बढीया स्वाद,स्वच्छ, कूदरती सुगंध युक्त और दिखने मे मनभावन सुंदर भी है ..!!


    — विनोद माली ,
    श्रीनीलाचलधाम कृषी वैदिक फार्म & गौशाला,
    कोंकण प्रदेश,( महाराष्ट्र).

    विनोद रामजी माली ! (verified owner)

  49. The A2 Ghee Was Excellent And Pure

    Sunil (verified owner)

  50. Very good ghee

    Prabhjot (verified owner)

  51. Qquality Product of A2 Ghee. Taste is delicious 😋.

    Naval Gupta (verified owner)

  52. Desi ghee quality is good and this is best website for purchasing good quality of products especially desi ghee.

    Dr.Satbir Singh (verified owner)

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A2 Cow Ghee Benefits

Indian Desi Cow’s Traditional Bilona Desi Cow Ghee is like nectar for the human body. There are also some special advantages of desi cow’s Desi ghee. Desi Cow Ghee contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids along with vitamins A, D, E and K. A2 Desi Ghee made from organic Butter of pastured cows is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). 9 phenolic anti-oxidants, as well as numerous other minerals, are present in ghee.

  • Contains healthy, fat-soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients and is easily digestible
  • Meets 90% of your daily Omega-3 fatty acid requirement
  • Contains healthy fats that aid weight management, improve the functioning of the heart, and reduce joint pain

More Cow Ghee Benefits :

BRAIN: Improves intelligence and memory power. Good for nerves and brain. Aids in overall brain health.
EYE: It helps to control eye pressure. Improves enhances and eyesight.
SKIN / HAIR: Helps in dry Skin and Dark Circles makes Glowing skin & cures hair fall.
IMMUNE SYSTEM: Removes impurities from the body & strengthens the immune system.
CHOLESTEROL: Reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL) & Improves Good Cholesterol (HDL).
MEMORY: Improves intelligence and memory power. Good for nerves and brain. Aids in overall brain health.

Purely Hand Churned Bilona Desi A2 Vedic Ghee :

Today all the cream-made A2 Ghee sold in the market is full of chemicals and preservatives. All foreign Jersey cows give us A1 quality Milk containing A1 protein, which is very dangerous for humans. We have only Indian best Desi kankrej Breed Cow, Our Cows are fed with a variety of organic grasses, which are described in our Vedas.

We at Vaidikmart farm produce real desi cow bilona ghee the way it is being done by human touch according to our culture. Our process is such that the medicinal properties and qualities of Traditional Bilona Ghee are retained. This has helped a lot to the people suffering from cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, vitamin b12, arthritis, knee pain, and many more.

Usually, we observe A2 Desi Ghee made by an industrial process which is not actually Ghee but clarified butter. A real Ghee comes from our indigenous breed of desi cow ( Kankrej ) which is the part of our culture which we must cherish.