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Pure Desi Cow Creem Ghee is known to have durability and has the consistency of softness as a material. The best method for preparing Desi Cow Ghee is this Pure Desi Cow Creem Ghee . In the market, ghee is produced by machines and chemicals from milk cream. There are no medicinal properties of Ghee prepared with machines and chemicals. We take note at our center that Ghee is developed by the Ayurvedic process recommended by Indian literature.

Direction: Desi Gay ka Ghee ( देसीगायघी ) Ghee should always be consumed with the hot item.

As a meal, Desi Cows Ghee is made from kankrej cow breed, pure and fresh milk by conventional standards with the pure smell and pure Indian taste. Ghee is the most common thing to be eaten with rice dishes of different styles. The best-clarified butter (Ghee) for change of state because it contains healthy soluble fat and vitamins that promote the absorption of nutrients in foods to provide this healthy Ghee, because the cows are unbroken in a stress-free environment, provided proper fodder and clean water to keep them healthy.

Vaidikmart Farm’s Desi Cow Ghee:

From reducing joint pain to improving the condition of the heart, our A2 Desi Cow Creem Ghee has many benefits. We procure the milk for this ghee from the Kankrej – a cow breed of India. These cows are fed with grass and are not farmed in the factory and are free from cross-breeding. In contrast with the milk of Jersey cows, the milk obtained from these cows has a lower fat content. Ghee from Jersey cows (only 2 liters of milk needed) is easier to produce. On the other hand, making it from Kankrej cow milk (which has lesser fat content), is much more difficult. We use around 27 liters of milk to make this one bottle. This gives its special, natural qualities and nutty taste to our Desi Cow Ghee. The milk used to produce this ghee, made from cream, is hand-churned to preserve all its nutritious value. We do what’s difficult. To make it easier for you to have fitness and wellness. That when your health is concerned, we take #NoShortcuts.

  • Meets 90% of your daily requirement for Omega-3 fatty acids
  • The only certified Desi Cow Ghee in the market
  • It contains healthy, fat-soluble vitamins that promote nutrient absorption and can easily be digested.
  • It contains healthy fats that help weight loss, improves heart function, and reduce pain in the joints

What is ghee made out of

The process of making pure desi Cow ghee is not at all an easy process. The preparation of pure ghee from milk takes a long time, a lot of cleanliness, and special skills and techniques. You need to churn the uppermost layer of creem first and prepare the cream from it. Basically, we make a special form of butter using this milk, and after that, we boil the butter to make pure ghee. All the impurities are skimmed properly after making the ghee. This process takes a long duration, and what we get is the delicious pure Desi Cow Ghee.

  1. Very Nice Ghee, I AM Using It From Last 1 Year .Everyone Should Taste Once. ….

    Gitesh Kharat (verified owner)

  2. Excellent, I’m Using it For My Family Especially For My old Age Parents.. Thanks Vaidikmart For Providing Us Such A 100% Pure Desi Cow Ghee.

    Dr.Mehul Shah (verified owner)

  3. Excellent Product, Health Improving! i am using Vaidikmart Desi Cow Ghee since 1.5 years For My Family. Thanks For Providing Such Quality Product.

    Kiran Patel (verified owner)

  4. A Really Great Desi Cow Ghee. We Used To Have Only Home-Made Ghee. After Trying Vaidikmart, I Feel like it Has The Same quality. I’m Satisfied That This is Good For My Family. Ordered 4 last month 🙂

    Jayesh Chaudhary (verified owner)

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Nutritional Values – Desi Cow Ghee Benefits

And how the components increase the number of Vaidikmart desi cow ghee benefits :-

Cow ghee benefits are numerous to count. We all know that milk is a good source of several vitamins and minerals for our bodies. And ghee is a product of milk. We get ghee from processing milk. So, ghee also has a high nutritional value and essential vitamins and minerals, undeniably.

Desi Cow Ghee is the main energy source of fat in our body. Regular ghee intake increases the amount of fat in our body. And keeping the proper fat levels for our daily activities is critical. In addition to proteins and carbohydrates, fats are also essential elements for the health of our bodies. Fats in our body do active functions. Fats regulate the temperature of our body, control the structure of our body, and are also involved in curing many diseases. There are a lot of many more functions of fat in our body. And ghee is the best source of fat. Ghee is made of fat mostly. There are 0% of proteins and carbohydrates in ghee. But you can get 99.5% of total fat only by consuming ghee. Ghee includes both saturated fat and unsaturated fat. You get almost 62% of saturated fat from it, and the rest is unsaturated fat. Ghee has various other components in it. It includes vitamins A2, E, D, and K. These vitamins have control over several factors of the body.

The Indian Kankrej cow ghee benefits in our regular life. here we will discuss the various advantages of desi cow ghee, which are scientifically established and approved,

  • Kankrej desi cow ghee is very rich in Omega 3 properties. It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Kankrej desi cow ghee is rich, healthy fat vitamins. It has both saturated and unsaturated fats in it as ingredients. Saturated fats are very important ingredients in daily body needs. This kind of fats contains high burning points. And that is why these fats are not easily broken down into radicals. And so saturated fats keep our body’s fat percentage perfect and balanced, which is vital for health.
  • Kankrej desi cow ghee also has an important role in maintaining the temperature of the body. Fat is mostly responsible for the thermal balance of the body. Also, our body temperature is 37.2 degrees, and Kankrej cow ghee melts at 37 degrees. Other normal ghee melts at 39.7 degrees, which increases the cholesterol, diabetics, and blood pressure in our body.
  • You can boost up your digestion process by consuming Kankrej cow ghee. It helps release more digestive hormones into your stomach. Your digestive organs produce these digestive hormones and promote digestion. Moreover, this ghee includes conjugated linolenic acid (CLA). This acid helps in losing weight.
  • Kankrej desi cow ghee is rich in antioxidants. For our bodies, butyric acid and CLA are highly recommended among the antioxidants k2. This largely comes from cows eating grass. So naturally, in this ghee, the presence of these antioxidants is strong.
  • It is useful for fighting various viral infections in our body and naturally curing them.
  • You can see a useful effect of Kankrej cow ghee in clearing constipation. It has a beneficial effect on avoiding constipation as this substance is very easily digestible. Many doctors suggest that constipation patients drink a spoon of this desi ghee before sleep. Actually, this improves the whole process of digestion and avoids constipation.
  • Kankrej desi Cow Ghee has an advantage for the healing of various body organs too. In order to treat skin burns, Indians use desi ghee since this is a natural treatment to treat it. We may also apply it to our hair to heal our damaged scalp and nourish it. It has the ability to repair both our body’s internal damage and external damage. For our skin and face, this is a strong natural moisturizer. We may also use this ghee in the wintertime to moisturize our cracked lips and heels, too.
  • Kankrej desi cow ghee is totally full of energy. Scientists have analyzed that 450 kJ of energy is generated in our body by a tablespoon of desi ghee. This is a massive amount of energy from a little source. During the entire day, we need the energy to do all the things. And we get this energy from the food. Within our bodies, this ghee actively generates a huge amount of energy. So with desi ghee, we can certainly maintain the proper balance of food-produced energy in our body. Every day, we need a fixed amount of food-generated electricity, and that is easily fulfilled. The fatty acids of this ghee are directly absorbed by our liver and burned into energy. Kankrej Cow Ghee is especially very effective for kids and persons with ailments.
  • The desi cow ghee is also known for its allergy-preventing features. Due to its natural antioxidants and nutrients, Kankrej Cow ghee is able to prevent allergies. It is capable of fighting many infections also. For certain individuals who are lactose intolerant, it is a suitable substitute. For heath-concerned individuals, these desi ghees are an excellent replacement for oils and butter.

So, these are the various uses and benefits of Kankrej Cow Ghee. For maintaining a healthy body, this can be considered as an ideal daily food object. You cannot find a portion of food with such multiple benefits.

Cow Ghee Benefits for Body

When eaten in a larger portion than normal requirements, healthy and beneficial food becomes harmful to our health. Cow ghee from Kankrej is no exception. While it is really good food for everybody and is ideal, it also has some adverse effects. So we need to discuss the negative effects of this ghee, in addition to the positive effects. Here are the negative effects of this ghee when eaten in a large part of our body than a normal requirement:—

  1. There’s a fat aspect to it. So it’s very natural for the fat percentage in our entire body to increase. Excessive consumption of desi cow ghee can increase the fat percentage of the body more than enough. And for our bodies, excess fat is not of many benefits, and it contributes to obesity. So it is the primary adverse effect of our body that causes severe diseases.
  2. Sometimes regular excessive intake of desi cow ghee can cause more problems for our body.

The Benefits of Vaidikmart Farm’s Desi Cow Ghee:

In this way, hand-churned ghee is good for retaining stable, fat-soluble vitamins that promote the absorption of essential nutrients in our body. In addition to Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, its higher nutritional values include iron, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, D, E, K. Conjugated linolenic acid, which is helpful in losing weight, particularly belly fat, is also included in hand-churned ghee and is known to slow the development of cancer and heart disease. It helps cure headaches, snorting, migraines, sleeplessness, hair fall, and untimely greying of hair. In addition, hand-churned desi cow ghee provides all of the body’s dhaatus (tissues) with deep nourishment, even aiding with ulcers, constipation, and burns, and blister care. It also has many other advantages.

Our Desi Kankrej cow ghee makes every dish in your home satisfying and delicious with its good aroma and flavor.

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