Pure A2 Ghee

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A2 Pure Ghee is obtained from the milk of Desi Indian Cows. A2 Ghee is specifically made from the milk of cows that are native to the Indian Breed. Desi cows’ milk has A2 protein.
This milk has high A2 Protein so this pure A2 milk is more like the human breast milk then A2 milk is healthier and richer source of nutrition which is easy for us to digest.

Let us understand process of preparing A2 pure Ghee….

First of all, the milk utilized in preparing A2 ghee must be of the prest breed of Indian cows. We at Vaidikmart never use milk of crossbred or jersey. We use pure A2 milk of only Gir, Kankrej, Ongole, Krishna, and Sahival cows. Mostly we use A2 milk of Gir and Kankreji cows.
The second key feature of obtaining A2 ghee focuses on the diet of the cows. If the cows get quality food the milk has an equivalent quality then has the A2 Ghee. we offer our cows best medicinal herbs that make their milk adequate to Amrita. Our cows are fed green fodder which is organically grown without the utilization of any pesticide or chemical. Our cows live during a safe and healthy environment where our cows are even left to roam around across acres of land for grazing and relaxing.
And the last and therefore the most vital thing is process of creating A2 Ghee. We at Vaidikmart use Bilona method to extract Ghee.
Our Bilona method is as traditional as said within the Ayurveda.

Here are the four folds of our method:

  • Milk to Curd
  • Curd to Chhas
  • Chhas to Makkhan
  • Makkhan to Ghee.

We follow the above list in a proper manner and that’s why you can be sure about the purity of our A2 Ghee. We guarantee the expected result of A2 Ghee as we are sure about our traditional method of extraction.

Finding an honest ghee brand isn’t always easy. With numerous options available in market today, making a choice becomes difficult. This has been used as an honest opportunity by marketers to plug their product. But this makes difficult for us consumers to place our fingers on products that are genuinely authentic. But we are here to help you in your search for pure A2 ghee. Your search for Pure A2 Ghee ends here at Vaidikmart.com

Vaidik Mart provide Indian breed kankrej Desi cow’s A2 Pure Bilona Ghee it certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and 100% Pure “A2 Pure Bilona Ghee”.

so guys, you ought to totally give our brand a try if you’re within the lookout for an honest A2  Ghee product.

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