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Why we assure you about the purity?

Vaidikmart is sure about purity because we use only and only traditional method… here is our multifold method for preparing Bilona Ghee.
First, we take desi cow’s fresh milk into one container (we use only clay pots for that). Then we add a little amount of pure curd into the desi cow milk. In some hours that added curd turns the whole milk into the curd. After that, we mix desi cow’s curd by Bilona process. While beating the curd, hot or cold water, supported the season, is added to the curd. (In wintertime, warm water is employed and within the summertime, cold water is employed to churn the curd) By hand churning method (not via motor), pure butter is produced. Then the butter is extracted from it in another container (we use only clay pots for that). Then the Desi cow’s butter is heated during a clay pot over a dung fire at low flame. By boiling the butter, ghee is a produced feature a very nice aroma and yellow in color. It’s very pleasant in taste also. The color and taste is predicated on the heating period and quality of the milk. This process isn’t only lengthy but also costlier too. It takes 30 to 32 liters of milk to organize 1 KG of Bilona Ghee.

Advantages of using the A2 Bilona Ghee:

Must remedy for efficient joint massage Injury recovery It Reduces Bad Cholesterol
Dressing of injured bones
Supporting Insomnia
It Cures headaches
It slows down one’s aging process and
Additionally it makes your voice soft and clear.

We use Indian culture’s original and therefore the best method to form ghee from milk. Bilona ghee contains the very best nourishment.

Vaidik Mart provide Indian Breed kankrej Desi cow’s Bilona Ghee it certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and 100% pure ” A2 Ghee”.

Are you checking out the best Bilona Ghee?
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