Vaidikmart’s Desi cow ghee for stomach ulcer and mouth ulcer

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Vaidikmart   ( Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s ‘Vaidik Bilona Ghee’ )

Use Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s bilona ghee for stomach ulcer and mouth ulcer

Mouth ulcer : Desi cow’s bilona ghee has natural inflammatory properties. Swish some around in your mouth and then spit it out. Do this several times a day, it helps in reducing swelling and soothes the pain. Desi Cow’s ghee is an age-old remedy for mouth ulcers your grandmother may have often told you about.  Apply desi ghee on the ulcer, let it stay for few minutes and then spit it out. Rinse your mouth properly in order to avoid any residue left in the mouth.

You can order Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s pure vaidik bilona ghee from our online store ( ). ( If you consumed daily 10 to 15 ml of indian desi cow’s Bilona ghee in Lunch and dinner it increases digestive power and fully help in boost your immune system. Also, help to cover other problem like Migraine and Weakness.) provide Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s vaidik bilona ghee it certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and 100% pure Bilona ghee made from desi cow’s A2 milk comes with a number of benefits.

Stomach Ulcer : A stomach ulcer refers to an lesion in the inner lining of the stomach and the adjoining intestinal tract called the duodenum. The ulcer located in the stomach is known as a gastric ulcer, and that located in the duodenum is called a duodenal ulcer. Usually, both are grouped together and termed as stomach ulcer. In Ayurveda it is a disease of tri-doshic nature i.e. Vata, Pitta, Kapha. But aggravation of pitta is noted in all cases.

Desi cow’s bilona ghee will help in balancing every mineral and walking and rest routines will increase the RMR which will help in permanent cure of mineral imbalance in the long run.

The first step is to withhold all foods which aggravate the condition. Fried food and spices,especiallyy chillies, should be totally prohibited. Desi cow’s bilona ghee should be freely taken, at intervals of 3 to 4 hours during a day, because the pain of the ulcer occurs at times when the stomach is empty. Desi cow’s A2 Milk and Desi cow’s bilona ghee should be taken in adequate quantities during lunch and dinner.

Why Vaidikmart’s Bilona Ghee ?

VaidikMart Bilona ghee is explicitly made from Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s A2 milk. Vaidikmart do all process in a pottery vessel. we are very careful about that our product never touch with any metal. Vaidikmart use cow-dung for heated milk and Makhan. Indian desi cow’s ghee is hand-churned to perfection using the ancient ‘bilona’ process which retains the elements of sweetness and contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and calcium. The nutritional value of pure indian breed kankrej desi cow’s A2 Bilona ghee exceeds the benefits of any other ghee and is rich in aroma and taste.

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