What you should know about purest A2 ghee?

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A2 milk is obtained from only Indian Desi cows. Only A2 milk has A2 Beta casein and A2 protein. It has no A1 protein and its Omega 3 reduces cholesterol deposits from your body as the fat undergoes an extra round of straining after evaporation of water to ensure that Ghee is all-natural and full of nutrition.

The most unknown fact about A2 milk is that it contains Cerebrosides that increase your brain powers and Strontium that enhances your overall immunity and protects your body from today’s dangerous level of radiation.

100% Ayurvedic:

Our A2 milk is 100% Ayurvedic as it is hand-churned. We at Vaidikmart never use the buffalo milk or malai as you find in the cheapest brands.

Medicinal qualities in our A2 Ghee:

Made with 100% sure Ayurvedic Vaidikmart A2 Ghee has all nutritional qualities with a lot of healing powers.

Desi Cows:

We at Vaidikmart are using only Desi Cow’s purest milk in the churning process.


We let our cows graze in open fields and provide them herbs as food those have incredibly medicinal properties.

Ahimsa Devo Bhavah:

Last but not least, our ghee is made cruelty free as we provide our cows the natural surroundings and the most comfortable living standards.

Some facts about our A2 Ghee:

  • its oxidant property helps you to stay young and energetic.
  • its septic quality covers your body and health against various infections.
  • it is the best source of nutrition
  • it has no preservatives, no additives or added colors.
  • it lowers bad cholesterol level
  • it increases the good cholesterol level.
  • it maintains your overall health balance.
  • it is easy to digest as it is gluten-free
  • it has a smooth texture and it is rich in taste
  • it is full of short- and medium-chain fatty acids so it helps to keep your heart healthy
  • it helps to keep the clarity of mind
  • it nourishes the whole body means every single tissue inside and outside your body.
  • it is made as mentioned in traditional Ayurvedic methods.
  • it is precious as it is full of protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • it boosts metabolism.

Vaidik Mart provide Indian breed kankrej desi cow’s vaidik bilona ghee it certified by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and 100% pure “Desi cow bilona ghee”.

Get 100% pure Desi Cow Ghee from A2 milk prepared using the complete Vedic method only on Vaidikmart.com

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