Benefits of Pure Desi Cow Bilona Ghee in Ayurveda

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Bilona Ghee in Ayurveda 

Bilona Ghee has positive effect on Tridosha as suggested in Ayurveda. Bilona Ghee calms Pitta and Vata. Thus, it is best remedy for people with Vata-Pitta somatotype and for those that are affected by Vata and Pitta imbalance disorders. Bilona Ghee is sweet for digestion strength. It is one of the surest remedy for Pitta.  It Ghee is formed from pure milk so this ghee improves overall digestion

Cures Pitta Dosha 

For Pitta Dosha you are not advised to mix Ghee with anything. Instead you should take pure Ghee with other ingrediants to control Pitta if Pitta is associated with Ama, you should not use unmixed Ghee for it.

Cures Vata Dosha

As suggested in Ayurveda, pure Bilona ghee strengthens bones by nourishment from its fat. Once the bone is healthy vata gets balanced. Bilona ghee increases strength of every bone tissue and as we know bone and vata are connected thus Bilona Ghee cures Vata Dosha.

Cures Kapha Dosha

Ghee cures Kapha Dosha. If you have increased level of Kapha or your body is Kapha type then use pure Bilona Ghee with powder of black pepper, long pepper fruit and ginger. It stimulates stomach so your body produces enzymes and your digestion system improves. That helps your respiratory system by controlling Kapha.


In Panchkarma pure Bilona Ghee is use because our physical structure is of oil with protein and the best oil of pure Ghee. In Virechna Ghee is the only oil that can be useful. During the preparatory procedure for Panchakarma: Panchakarma may be a procedure wherein the imbalanced Doshas are expelled out of the body. Before Panchakarma, high doses of ghee are given to the person to drink within a brief span of a week. Ghee having good penetrating capacity penetrates deep into body tissues and acts as a vehicle to diffuse Dosha accumulation within the body. It is surely helpful to bring the imbalanced Dosha into the gastro intestinal tract from where it is easy to expelled Dosha out by Panchakarma.

Bilona Ghee in pregnancy

During pregnancy, pure Bilona Ghee and milk are very useful substances. Ghee is often used both externally and internally. Ghee is one of the substances that the pregnant lady should use day to day.
Especially, during the primary 12 days of pregnancy, ghee obtained from pure milk should be consumed by the pregnant mother.
Ghee should be used with honey and milk in the third and fourth month of pregnancy. In the fifth month of pregnancy Ghee should be used with milk.  In the sixth month, Ghee should be used with milk and sweet herbs. Ghee is used with various herbs in seventh month.  In eighth month, milk and ghee is best substance for the pregnant mother.
During pregnancy, Ghee with turmeric is a superb remedy for cracked heals.  Ghee is used to alleviate burning sensation. Ghee and turmeric is useful to stop stretch marks. Read more……….

Desi Cow Bilona Ghee method

First, we take desi cow’s fresh milk into clay pot. Then we add a little amount of pure curd into the desi cow milk. In some hours that added curd turns the whole milk into the curd. After that, we mix desi cow’s curd by Bilona process. While beating the curd, hot or cold water, supported the season, is added to the curd. (In wintertime, warm water is employed and within the summertime, cold water is employed to churn the curd) By hand churning method (not via motor), pure butter is produced. Then the butter is extracted from it in another container. Then the Desi cow’s butter is heated during a clay pot over a dung fire at low flame. By boiling the butter, ghee is a produced feature a very nice aroma and yellow in color. It’s very pleasant in taste also. The color and taste is predicated on the heating period and quality of the milk. This process isn’t only lengthy but also costlier too. It takes 30 to 32 liters of milk to organize 1 KG of Bilona Ghee.

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