Essay On Desi GauMata

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Introduction :

GauMata has a lot of importance all over the world, while taking about India it has its own many other kind of importance. Let it be in case of milk or be agriculture desi cow has its own many values. In previous times cows were valued and counted as equal to humans. These animals are domestic and helpful.


Desi Cow’s milk is rich in nutrients. Milk is considered as a healthy and complete food. There are many types of milk products. Bilona Ghee made from milk and Desi cow urine has a lot of medicinal values.
Desi Cow dung is very good for farming and is a chemical free product. Even after death the cow’s horn, bones and skin have many different uses. GauMata milk is very useful as compared to milk of other animals. Mothers are asked to give Desi cow milk to kids as it keeps the kids more healthy and disease free. It is said that the calf of buffalo sleeps after drinking milk while the calf of cow plays and enjoy after drinking milk.
The cow’s skin becomes compost for agriculture and other parts are also equally important.

About Desi Cow Body Structure:

Desi Cow have a mouth, two eyes, four udder, two ears, two horns, two nostrils and four legs.

Native GauMata Variety in India:

There are many varieties of cow in India.
Kakrej Desi GauMata (Gujarat, Rajasthan) Sahiwal (Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi),
Gir ( Sauradhtra, Gujarat),
Tharparkar ( Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, kutch),
Katan Frie ( Rajasthan) etc. In foreign cow we have Jersey which is a common favourite of many. Indian Desi cow is smaller in size as compared to foreign cow.

Colour variety of cows:

GauMata is seen in white, black, red, brown and mixed colour Etc.

Importance of Desi Cows in Spiritual Beliefs:

In India Cow is seen as a form of Goddess. Is is believed that 33 crore Gods dwell in cow. Due to this reason Just after the day of the festival Diwali, on the occasion of Gowardhan Pooja cow is worshiped and are decorated with feathers of peacock. In early days cow was seen as a sign of wealth. During wars cows with costly ornaments were stealed. The place having more cow’s were considered to be most wealthy. We have seen the Love of Lord Krishna towards cow. Therefore Krishna is also known as Gopal.

Conclusion :

Due to the increase of use of polythene, eating of polythene by Desi cow’s the number of cow’s has reduced a lot. We should consider this issue as a serious one and to maintain our culture and existence of gaumata. In fact there are many and more benefits of gaumata in our life. Desi Cow still is the soul and life of village.

Save Gau Mata Save Nature Save Mother India


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