Agnihotra Cow Dung Cake

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Agneehotra Cow Dung Cake

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Bag

Each Bag Has 12 Packets

Each Packet Has 50 Cakes.

Total 600 Cakes in Bag

Indian Cow dung cakes are suitable for fire, and when burnt in various ritual practices, they create a pure and holy atmosphere. The smoke of gobar clears the air of germs. When we offer ghee in the fire as part of ritualistic sacrifices, it strengthens the ozone layer and shields the earth from harmful radiations from Sun. Traditional wisdom says that the temperature never rises beyond a certain point when burning these cow dung cakes, ensuring that the nutrients in the food are not overheated. The Vedic tradition has been promoting an Agrarian based culture in India since time immemorial. The cow has always played a pivotal role in the Vedic  Agrarian society. The cow is revered as the most sacred animal to Hindus, a fact demonstrated by the dedication of many hymns and rituals, addressing it reverently as ‘GOMATHA’ ‘GOMATHA’ In all the holy scriptures, including Puranas and Vedas. ‘Gomatha’ is a symbolic representation of 33 crore Gods who are said to hold positions in various parts of a cow’s body. As e representation of the divine, all auspicious ceremonies and rituals involve the Cow and its produce. Everything from, milk. butter, ghee, curd, cheese, even the cow’s dung, and urine are considered very sacred in Hindu Vedic tradition. Our cow dung cake is traditionally made natural product that doesn’t pollute the environment.

Vaidikmart Agnihotra Cow Dung Cake.

We Provide The Best Agnihotra Cow Dung Cake in India. This cow Cow Dung Vaidikmart Products is Made from Pure Desi Kankrej Breed of Cows. Specially Made for Puja, yajna Purpose from The Kankrej cow Dung, mixed with Herbs And Gomutra. Suitable for all types of yajna Peeda. We Make these Cow Dung cakes from a specially Treated and feed kankrej cow, which was Mentioned as Sacred in Vedas.

Desi Cow Dung is used on various occasions to Perform Sacrifices and is considered Best for Havan. Cow Dung is Applied on the skin to cure skin diseases like Psoriasis and Kushtharog. When Putana struck Mata Yashoda had applied cow dung on Krishna. It saves us from Ill-will and negative energy. Cow dung is also used for a bath for purification of the body. With our tradition of making cow dung from holy breed kankrej cow grown in a perfect environment; it gives dung pureness and goodness as we provide cows with healthy food. It is holy to use cow dung during sacrifices (Yagya), and it not only completes the sacrifice but also pleases the Lord. kills the hazardous effects of pesticides and other fertilizers.

  1. Jay Gaumata Very Nice Work

    Subhash Panday (verified owner)

  2. Your service is the very best

    Mahesh Kumar (verified owner)

  3. Very good product without smoke while burning it. Thank you so much vaidikmart

    Krishna Das (verified owner)

  4. Used it for agnihotra. Burns completely with good fragrance. It is hand made, not machine made. Not completely compressed like other machine made cow dung cakes.

    Aditya Sawant (verified owner)

  5. Excellent Product checked the Room oxygen levels with oximeter and levels are gradually increased

    Ashoke Pandit (verified owner)

  6. Really a good product

    Heena Shah (verified owner)

  7. Very good product. Used for Agnihotra. They burn well..

    Vidhya Venkatesh (verified owner)

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Agnihotra Cow Dung Cake Benefits

The answer is that Desi Cow Dung is not only the waste product of cow or merely a fuel source, as the less knowledgeable may take it for! It is the purest of all the animal waste which exists on the face of the planet. When cow dung is burned it produces six types of gasses that directly hit the harmful microbes present in polluted air and makes the atmosphere clean and pollution-free ( Ref: Research work from German scientist) The input of Go Ghrut in the Homa liberates oxygen (Pranavayu) in such a large quantity that anaerobic microbes are believed to vanish with the perimeter of one and a half km. This Pranvayu empowers the nervous system of humans as well and strengthens their thinking and analytical skills.

Organic and Eco-friendly Cow Dung Cakes are Made of Pure Desi Cow’s Dung ( Not Jersey Cow’s Dung)Cow Dung used to purify the air as it is said to release oxygen when burnt with ghee. Cow dung cakes have been used in traditional Indian households for yagnas/havan/home pooja/agnihotra and various religious activities, rituals & Natural Fertilizer for Plants.

Hand made Desi Cow Dung Cakes.

Gobar / Gomaya /Agnihotra Cow Dung Cake / Cow Dung in Ayurveda and Hindu puja/havans has medical, religious, and economic applications. It is customary to chant the following mantra whenever Gomaya

“Gandhadwaaram Duraadarshanam, Nityapushtaam Karishineem,

Eashwareem Sarva Bhootaanaam,

Twameha Upashraye Shreeyam”

Meaning; Desi Cow Dung Draws fragrance of any kind into itself making the surroundings pure and odor-free. Nothing can overcome the power of Gomaya. It is ever enriching & strengthens as it dries. Gomaya monitors all five elements of life.