Miraculous Benefits, Side Effects And Treatment of Desi cow’s Vedic Bilona Ghee

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Vedic Bilona Ghee

Desi cow’s Vedic Bilona Ghee

In Ayurveda, Desi cow’s Bilona Ghee is said to be the most sacred, spiritually and physically beneficial provider of health. Individuals who are allergic to dairy products or gluten should not be allergic to Desi cow’s ghee. Desi Cow ghee can be used in many ways in the form of skin, nose drops, enema etc. along with intake.

Here, Bilona Ghee means Desi cow’s ghee. Cow ghee is also known as pure butter in the United States.

Effect On Tridosha

Desi Bilona Ghee pacifies Vata and Pitta, so it is ideal for people with Vata and Pitta bodies. Bilona Ghee is also ideal for people suffering from disorders of vata and bile imbalance.

Effect of Desi Ghee on Digestive Power

Pitta and Agni are intrinsically related to each other. Typically, substances that balance the bile also cause a decrease in the digestive fire. But Bilona Ghee is an exception. It balances Pitta dosha but it strengthens digestive power.

However, it does not help in Aava (a state of altered digestion and metabolism). In a normal person, if the digestive power is low, then Desi ghee is useful in improving its digestive capacity.Ghee is similar in quality to milk, but unlike milk, ghee improves digestion.

Versatile Health Benefits of Bilona Ghee

Herbal rectal suppositories are smeared with ghee before entering the anal canal.It is suitable for Rasdhatu (essence of digested food), Shukradhatu (semen) and Ojas. It has a cool and soft effect on the human body.

Instructions For The Implementation of Vedic Bilona Ghee

Consumption of Herbal Vedic Ghee is Prescribed for Those individuals-

♦ Those who want a good vision.

♦ Whose chest is in injured state.

♦ For the old, children and weak persons, who desire long-term strength, good complexion, voice, nutrition, children, tenderness, brightness, immunity, memory, intelligence, digestive power, knowledge, proper functioning of senses. And such people whose body is affected by the effects of fire, weapons and poison.

♦ Vedic Ghee is one of those dietary ingredients that can be consumed at any time.

♦ It is one of the essential dietary ingredients for people who are weakened due to treatment.

♦ It aids in improving digestive power.

♦ It nourishes body tissues, which is suitable for individuals of all age groups.

♦ It increases immunity of the senses.

♦ It improves voice and power of speech.

♦ It is a provider of longevity.

♦ It is useful for those people who consume alcohol / alcohol continuously.

♦ It is useful for women, youth and elderly who exercise regularly.

Pure Desi Cow Bilona Ghee

♦ Desi Cow’s ghee increases memory, intelligence, digestive power, semen, ojas.

♦ It reduces vata, pitta, it provides favorable effects in poisoning, insanity, weakness.

♦ It is the best of all ointment substances.

♦ Its effect is cool and sweet in taste.

♦ When consumed according to the prescribed procedure, it increases in strength thousand times and develops manifold utility.

Old Desi Cow Bilona Ghee

One year old Desi Cow Ghee is very useful. It is very useful for intoxication, epilepsy, palpitations, mania, schizophrenia, dementia, residue poisoning, fever, earache, head as well as female genital tract.

Use Of Vedic Ghee To Increase Weight

Vedic Bilona Ghee is very useful for those who are thin bodied, physically weak and have dry skin. Such individuals are advised to take regular intake of Bilona Ghee as an essential part of the diet. For those who want to increase their weight, regular intake of ghee is very effective.

Use of Desi Ghee to Get Rid of Dryness

Consuming Bilona Ghee Along with milk during winter season helps those suffering from excessive dry skin, dry voice and dryness on the entire Body, get rid of Dryness very fast.

Use of Bilona Ghee in Fever

Consuming Pure ghee proves to be very beneficial in getting rid of burning sensation arising after fever. But it is being clarified here that the consumption of ghee has not been consulted during the period of suffering from fever. Fever, after complete recovery, consumption of Desi Ghee is recommended to get strength and immunity.

Bilona Ghee for Newborn

Bilona Pure Ghee and milk are suitable for children since birth. It is advisable to give 2-5 drops of ghee to the newborn.The breastfeeding mother is advised to consume Vedic Ghee. It is believed in Ayurveda that Desi Ghee strengthens the nutritional properties of breast milk.

Use of Desi Ghee For Eyes

Bilona Ghee is used in many disorders related to the eyes. Vedic Ghee is used in a process called ‘Netra Tarpan’. In this process, the flour of gram flour is kneaded into Pure Ghee and a thick layer of it is made and that layer is applied around the eye orbit. Now it is filled with Desi Ghee and the patient’s eyes are repeatedly asked to open and close it. According to Ayurveda, this process improves and strengthens the power of the eyes.

Use of Desi Ghee on the eyes increases eyesight. Consumption of Desi Ghee with Triphala and honey is advised to improve the health of the eyes. To provide a soothing effect to the eyes, the advice of washing the eyes with Bilona Ghee has Been given in the Ayurveda.

Grease Bilona Ghee in Place of Oil Pulping

In the oil pulping method, the use of Desi cow’s Ghee in place of sesame oil is more effective. It is particularly useful in curing mouth ulcers and getting rid of burning sensation. It is indicated in oral disorders resulting from bile imbalance.

In the method of oil pulping (oil pore), instead of sesame oil, slurry of cow’s ghee is more effective in curing mouth ulcers and relieving the sensation of mouth irritation. It is indicated in oral disorders resulting from bile imbalance.

Different experimental uses of Bilona Ghee:

Desi Cow Bilona Ghee

Use of Bilona Ghee in Enema

Herbal rectal suppository, under Ayurvedic treatment, is used by immersing in ghee before inserting it into the anal canal. Ghee enema is used to strengthen bones. According to Ayurveda, bone gets nutrition from fat. By administering ghee through enemas, vata is balanced, providing proper nutrition of bone tissue. Bone and Vata are related to each other, so the enema of Bilona Ghee is very useful in the condition of diseases like arthritis.

Use of Ghee in Herbal Smoking

Ayurveda advises using herbal smoking as a daily routine. Desi Ghee, Ayurveda is widely used as an ingredient in herbal smoking process.

Use of Desi Ghee in Wounds, Blood leakage And Burning Sensation

♦ Use of Desi ghee as a coating for external wound treatment is extremely beneficial.

♦ Make a paste with half a cup of Bilona Ghee, one teaspoon of turmeric powder and two teaspoons of neem juice, applying it on wounds and boils provides quick benefits. Wounds heal and boils heal.

♦ To eliminate the sensation of blood and burning sensation on the bite of the jock and apply Desi ghee on the affected area in its treatment, it Provides quick benefits.

♦ Applying Bilona Ghee to the bleeding boils, the wounds caused by the abscesses get cold as well as the wounds heal quickly.

♦ In ancient times, DesiGhee was used as a base for making bandages or lights that were used in local application after surgical procedures.

♦ Vedic Ghee was used for the treatment of surgical stitches.

♦ Under the Ayurveda system of medicine, Vedic Ghee is used to get rid of the sensation of burning and itching, after the process of Karma (Ksharkarma), a special treatment on the patient of piles and fistula.

♦ In wound treatment, the application of Desi Ghee on the wound provides excellent therapeutic results.

♦ In children, at the time of ear perforation, the application of Desi Ghee on the ear, to reduce the pain and burning sensation arising and to make the perforation process easier.

♦ Application of Bilona Ghee on the cracked lips, treatment of new mothers with torn nipples and torn ankles, makes the skin soft and heals the severed torn organs at a rapid pace.

♦ Desi Cow Bilona Ghee provides Benefits in coating the skin, removing dryness of skin and sensation of burning.

Psychological benefits of Vedic Bilona Ghee

♦ The use of ghee is very suitable for those who desire understanding, intelligence and sharp memory.

♦ The use of ghee on the forehead helps to keep the mind calm.

♦ Ghee is mixed with mustard and neem leaves to achieve fumigation. It helps in preventing evil.

Use of Bilona Ghee to Strengthen The Immune System

♦ The term ojas is used to represent immunity. Ghee is one of the essential dietary ingredients to improve oz.

♦ Substances that prevent aging naturally improve immunity. The use of ghee with milk is considered the best anti-aging diet combination.

Use of Bilona Ghee For Spiritual Purposes

♦ Bilona Ghee is considered very pure and auspicious, so in Hindu practice, when serving food, some amount of ghee is sprinkled on the food from the upper, indicating that the ghee purifies the food. This method is known as “abhighara”.

♦ Bilona Ghee is used in spiritual traditions known as “home”, where ghee is transmitted to the fire. For the purpose of this work, the use of only ghee out of all the sources available for use as fuel, highlights the importance of ghee.

♦ According to the Shastravidhi, after getting up from sleep in the morning, it is considered auspicious to see the face in ghee.

Home Remedies For Bilona Pure Ghee

♦ In the morning before breakfast, the consumption of one teaspoon of ghee gives peace in the pain of the bladder area.

♦ For the treatment of periodic fever, it is recommended to consume garlic with bilona ghee as a diet.

♦ Mixing amla powder and raisins with ghee and keeping it inside the mouth for a few minutes relieves dryness of the palate and mouth.

♦ Consuming the powder of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) with ghee relieves the burning sensation.

♦ For the treatment of anemia, taking decoction of Triphala with sugar in ghee is very useful. It also improves liver function.

Use of Desi Bilona Ghee For Prevention Of Nasal Allergies

Before going out of the house, try to apply a thin layer of Desi Ghee on the inside of your nose. It is really helpful in preventing dust and allergies.

Vedic Bilona Ghee For Vomiting

Bilona Ghee is used for the treatment of Vata type vomiting, which is accompanied by the sound of thunder and stomachache.

This recipe, cooked with grated rock salt with ghee, is given to patients who experience heart palpitations with vomiting.

Use of Ghee in The initial Process of Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a process in which unbalanced doshas are ejected from the body. Before Panchakarma, a high quantity of bilona ghee is given to the diseased person for drinking within 1 to 7 days. Desi Ghee penetrates deep into the tissues of the body and helps to bring the accumulated defects in the body with you to the intestines. From where it is expelled outside by the Panchakarma process.

Bilona Ghee For Health Condition

Bilona Ghee has a wonderful ability to absorb the active components of herbs, without leaving the natural quality contained within. This quality of Pure Ghee is known as “Yogavahi”. Desi Ghee is processed with various herbs so that the ghee absorbs their useful properties in themselves. Ghee processed in this way is widely used in Ayurveda under various health conditions.

Vedic Ghee is used as an adjunct with herbal decoction.

Vedic Ghee is used as an adjunct in herbs or powders of herbs.

Use of Pure Bilona Ghee in pregnancy

♦ In a pregnant woman, soon after the onset of labor pain, the woman is given an oil massage and hot water bath. After this, the woman is given porridge with Vedic Bilona Ghee.

♦ Ayurveda recommends the consumption of Ghee as an essential dietary component in pregnancy. This is because Desi Ghee has been considered as a sweet substance that is suitable for regular consumption for anyone since birth.

♦ Bilona Ghee is an ideal substance for enhancing intelligence, memory, tact, digestive power, longevity, semen in men and egg quality in women and eyesight. This is very useful for children, old people, people who desire more children, in the attainment of tenderness of the body and feeling of a pleasant voice.

♦ Of all the available oils and fats, ghee is the most useful in maintaining puberty; It has the ability to give thousands of pleasant effects by thousands of types of processing.

♦ During pregnancy, refreshing substances like Desi Cow Ghee and milk must be used. Pure Ghee can be used both externally and internally.

♦ Pure Bilona Ghee is one of the substances that a pregnant woman can consume as a daily diet.

♦ In particular, during the first twelve days of pregnancy, the Ayurveda advises that the Bilona Ghee produced from cow’s milk must be consumed by the pregnant mother.

♦ In the third month of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should consume a balanced intake of milk, ghee and honey.

♦ In the fifth month of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should consume a balanced intake of milk and ghee.

♦ In the sixth month of pregnancy, pregnant women should consume a balanced intake of ghee and milk processed with sweet herbs.

♦ In the seventh month of pregnancy, pregnant women should consume balanced Desi Ghee processed with herbs like wild yam (wild yam).

♦ From the eighth month of pregnancy, Pure Ghee and milk should be consumed as a drink. Pregnant should also consume processed rice porridge with ghee.

External Use Of Vedic Bilona Ghee During Pregnancy

♦ In case of bleeding during pregnancy, Shat Dhatu or Sahasra Dhatu Ghrita (washed thousands of times) should be applied along with Desi Ghee at all places below the navel.

♦ For the navel area, add equal amount of washed Pure Ghee i.e. Ghee and water, mash it well and drain the ghee with water. Repeat this process 10 to 15 times. Now apply ghee dissolved with this water in the navel area of ​​a pregnant woman, it stabilizes the pregnancy.

♦ Bilona Ghee paste with turmeric is effective in the treatment of torn ankles during pregnancy.

♦Bilona Ghee has been said to be very useful for getting rid of burning sensation on the palm and legs.

♦ Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in one cup of Desi Ghee. Apply this mixture on the lower part of the abdomen, breasts and buttocks during pregnancy. It is very helpful in the treatment of stretch marks.

How To Consume Bilona Ghee?

♦ Consuming half a teaspoon of desi ghee in the morning or as part of breakfast is a great style to start your day.

♦ It is usually best to consume hot beverages after consuming bilona ghee. For example, half a teaspoon of ghee can be consumed before morning tea / coffee.

♦ While consuming food, ghee should be consumed first with hard food stuff, after that eat soft foods and finally yogurt is best.

Use of Bilona Ghee as Nasal Drops

2 drops of Bilona Ghee are added in both nasal cavities in the morning, 30 minutes before meals. This karma is called Nasya Karma.

The use of Desi Ghee as nasal drops in the nasal cavities is helpful in the treatment of many diseases such as: –

White hair, hair loss, migraine, tension, headache, neuralgia, tinnitus (earwax), voice problems, eye problems, memory and lack of concentration, etc.

Bilona Ghee can be used as a nasal karma (nasal drops) continuously for a period of about 2–6 weeks.

Which Bilona Ghee Is More Effective For Nasal Drops?

In the treatment of specific diseases like schizophrenia, epilepsy etc., the use of desi cow’s ghee for nasal drops is the best effect.

Some Essential Rules For The Use of Ghee As Nasal Drops

♦ If the sky is full of clouds, during cold or rainy seasons, sinusitis, cold, cough and fever, use of Desi Ghee as nasal drops is not recommended.

♦ Bilona Pure Ghee balances Vata and Pitta dosha, hence Ghee is useful in all the conditions of Vata and Pitta related to head and neck.

♦ But in cases of sinusitis, cold, cough and fever (which are due to vata and bile), the use of desi ghee can make the condition even more severe.

Side Effects And Opposite Indications Of Bilona Ghee

♦ Bilona Ghee is best left in the event of jaundice, hepatitis, increased fat on the liver.

♦ Excessive intake of ghee can cause indigestion and diarrhea.

♦ Consuming ghee during cold and cough can worsen the situation.

♦ Bilona Ghee should not be consumed at the time of fever and ovulation, especially in the event of increased bile.

♦ In this case, the consumption of curd causes jaundice and it can also relax the consciousness, which can result in very fatal results.

♦ Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of ghee in case of cold and indigestion.

♦ In the event of stomach indigestion or heaviness of the stomach after the consumption of ghee, it is beneficial to take a hot drink or a cup of sapota-rich milk.

To Manage Pure Vedic Bilona Ghee Usage

♦ If you feel that you have consumed a lot of bilona ghee, then do not eat food until the ghee is fully digested, anyway, you will not feel hungry.

♦ Eat hot water every thirty minutes and take a bath with hot water.

♦ If you experience hunger, eat hot and liquid foods such as hot veg soup.

♦ After experiencing lightheadedness in the stomach and body, you can start eating a regular diet.

♦ Triphala, Trikatu – is used to clean the intestines and improve digestive power, if Bilona Ghee causes indigestion due to incorrect use

♦ Consumption of hot and low fat milk (Sapreta) is said as a specific remedy to counteract the ill effects of incorrect use of ghee. It also helps in improving digestion.

♦ Vedic Bilona Ghee is not cool. Its cooling effects only work on the stomach. It is somewhat warm in nature. Due to its heat effect, it is helpful in improving digestion power and since its effect is somewhat warm, it balances Vata.

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